meet us at the farmer’s market!


What you will find at market

Farm Fresh Eggs


Pork Products



June - September

Tuesdays at Bogert Farmer’s Market

5 - 8 pm

June 18th - September 10, 2019

At Lindley Park on East Main Street

Bozeman, MT


Wednesdays at Big Sky Farm Market

5 - 8 pm

June 5th - September 25th, 2019

At The Fire Pit in the Town Center

33 Lone Peak Dr, Big Sky, MT


Saturdays at Gallatin Valley Farmer’s Market

9 am - 12 pm

June 22nd - September 14th, 2019

At the Haynes Pavilion at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds

901 North Black, Bozeman, MT

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October - May

Saturdays at Bozeman Winter Farmer’s Market

9 am - 12 pm

September 21st - May 2nd, 2020

At the Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture in Downtown Bozeman

111 S Grand Ave, Bozeman, MT


You will find Amaltheia’s exquisite organic goat cheese served in the finest dining establishments across the country. Our award winning cheeses can be purchased through DPI, Albert’s Organics, UNFI, or at co-ops, natural foods stores, supermarkets and specialty stores nationwide. Just ask for our products by name or you can order online here.