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why pigs?

In 2008 an organic farmer, Bob Herdegen stopped by Amaltheia and said he was wanting to get out of the pig business. He offered to bring his sows and feeder pigs so that we could start our own pork business. We were interested in having pigs so that we could utilize the whey from our cheese making process.  Over the years, Bob offered his knowledge on raising pigs which was extremely helpful in the building of the pork production at Amaltheia.

Pork Products

You can purchase our meats at the farmer’s market.

Below is a list of the products you will find:

Pork Chops, Bacon, Boneless Shoulder Roasts, Boneless Hams, Smoked Ham Hocks, Spare Ribs, Baby Back Ribs, Tenderloin, Ground Pork, Breakfast Sausage, Italian Sausage, Chorizo Sausage, Linked Italian Sausage, Linked Bratwurst, Leaf Lard, Bones, & Livers.


whole and half pig

Interested in buying a whole or half pig?

Contact Nate Brown

Half Pig (50 - 55 lbs of meat)

Consisting of approximately:

  • 7 lbs of bacon

  • 10 lbs of chops

  • 10 lbs of roast, 8 lbs of ham

  • 3 lbs of ham hocks

  • 3 lbs of ribs

  • 10# of sausage of your choice

    We can mix any of the sausages that we make including: bulk ground pork, bulk breakfast sausage, bulk Italian sausage, bulk chorizo, linked bratwrust, & linked Italian sausage

WHOLE PIG (100 - 110 lbs of meat)

Double all of the above amounts.

Price is $7.25/lb and includes all the cutting, wrapping, sausage spices, and cured bacon and hams.

This works out to roughly $365 for a ½ pig and $730 for a whole pig.



We raise and sell spring wiener pigs to children participating in 4-H as well as other area farmers for $125 per piglet.