It all started in 2004

After coming home from a trade show selling cheese, Sue & Mel mentioned to Nate that a man had told them he would be interested in buying compost from them if they were to start producing it. This peaked Nate’s interest and he threw himself into learning all there is about the composting process. Nate was going to Montana State University at the time, so he got in contact with the agriculture department. He was given the name of the composting expert at MSU Extension, Tommy Bass, who helped Nate get started with windrow composting. 

Nate began the process of building 10 foot wide, 6 feet high windrows with the manure & straw that had piled up over the years from the dairy operation.

The windrows are turned once a week to allow oxygen in. This process multiples the beneficial organisms and they break down the manure and straw into humus rich compost.  The combination of the nitrogen, water, carbon, and oxygen heats up the windrows to 145-150 degrees to kill any pathogens and weed seeds. All of this combined creates excellent compost for anyone to use in their home garden!

Make your garden flourish


Bagged compost can be purchased directly from the farm for $10/bag. For more information, contact Nate Brown. We also sell our compost in select nurseries and garden centers in Bozeman.